Combo Dance Classes 

These classes will focus on jazz technique. We start the class by warming up, stretching, and working on flexibility skills. We spend 30-40 minutes going across the floor with an emphasis on turns, leaps, jumps, and other jazz combinations.  All combo classes are based on age.

Bitties:  Ages 2 - 3. Will also introduce tumbling skills. 


Minis:  Ages 4 - 1st Grade *Jazz half-sole shoes required*

Juniors: 2nd Grade - 4th Grade *Jazz half-sole shoes required*

Teens5th Grade & Up *Jazz half-sole shoes required*



*All of our classes are 60 minutes long unless noted otherwise*

Dance​ & Tumble


Mini & Junior Ballet: Students who want to work on ballet movements, terminology, technique, body placement and a single turned out pirouette. * Jazz half-soles or ballet shoes required*


Teen Ballet: Students will focus on ballet movements and terminology. This class will do various types of turns/leaps and progressions across the floor.  Additional work on body alignment, foot placement, and ballet skills will be the focus *Ballet shoes, leotard, tights or footless tights, and bun required.*

(Check with instructor before enrolling in this class)

Intense Ballet: Students who qualify for intense class. This class will focus on ballet movements, terminology, and technique.  Participants will work on stretching/flexibility, proper body alignment and foot placement, various types of turns/leaps, and progressions across the floor. *Ballet shoes, leotard, tights or footless tights, and bun required.* 

(Check with the instructor before enrolling in this class)


Flexibility & TechniqueThis class will focus on flexibility, strength, conditioning for dance, tumbling, and acro.  We will work on skills necessary for building on and enhancing what dancers already know.  Requirements: 4th Grade and above OR students who have mastered a back walkover. **Leg weights required**




Participants will warm up by stretching with an emphasis on flexibility skills.  Flexibility skills include: splits and oversplits in all three positions, front needles, floor needle, heel stretch, bow & arrow, tilt, reverse triangle to head and shoulders, bridge, scorpion and straight leg scorpion.  Tumbling skills include forward roll, backward roll, shoulder roll, handstand, handstand walks, back bridge, front bridge, back walkover, front walkover, tick-tock, valdez, cartwheel, round-off, and a back handspring. 


Prep Level Tumbling: Ages 5 and up. For students who are working up to a backbend/back walkover.


Back Walkover/Back Handspring: For students who have mastered the back/front walkover and are working on/ mastered a standing back handspring on the blue mat, and are working up to a round-off back handspring.

(Check with an instructor before enrolling in this class)


Round-off Back Handspring and Tuck: For students who have back/front walkovers, standing back handspring, and round-off back handsprings in succession on blue mat. Working towards a round-off tuck with a light spot on the blue mat.

(Check with instructor before enrolling in this class)

Open Level Tumbling Open to all skill levels ages 5 and up.


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