JJD MATS Competition Team

A weekly class that participates with the Mid-America Tumbling Society (MATS.) This is a multi-level tumbling program that allows tumblers to showcase their talents on a competitive level against other dance studios and gyms in the Kansas City metropolitan area. There are two meets each year, plus a championship meet that is held in March. In class, they will work on routines that range from pre-beginners to advanced, along with other tumbling skills. This is intended for almost any tumbler who wishes to compete. Please note you must actively compete with our MATS team in order to enroll in this class. Additionally, you are required to enroll in a week tumbling class as well. 

Regional/National Competition Fees                    
Regional Competition Fees: $20.00 per routine                    
November 2021 (Time TBA)

February 2022 (Time TBA)    

Championship Meet Competitive Fee: $25.00 per routine
March 2023 (Time TBA)
Competition Team Fees                    
$45.00 (annual fee per dancer) -This covers the yearly enrollment fee, team events, and any additional costs that may occur. (Sibling fee will be reduced to $25.00 annually.)
 This $30.00 fee will be added to your account once you enroll in the MATS class.    

MATS Leo                    
All MATS team members are required to purchase one JJD Company MATS Leo for the 2020-2021 competition season. The cost is $45.00 for a new Leo but is subject to change based on availability.                         

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